Charting Workplace Transitioning Pathways of GenY Human Resources Practitioners

The purpose of this paper is to present results from a study exploring experiences of Generation-Y Human Resources practitioners as they transition from academia to the workplace. Research findings are from on-line surveys, and individual and focus group interviews with 221 college graduates, 170 supervisors of these workforce entrants, and 42 educators. Emergent from data analysis is a prevailing disconnect between new recruit expectations and organizational realities. Revealed is a need for a more streamlined transition to move new recruits into the workforce in the following areas: assigned workload, strategic accountabilities, establishing internal networks, office politics, mentoring, and conflict management. 
Proposed is a template for fostering academic-business partnerships that capitalize on learning for and from the workplace to ensure premier experiences are delivered to steer new recruits into the HR profession. This enables new recruits to excel in their career; and gives business leaders the edge in creating work environments that appeal to the new wave of HR practitioners.