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Charting Workplace Transitioning Pathways of GenY Human Resources Practitioners

The purpose of this paper is to present results from a study exploring experiences of Generation-Y Human Resources practitioners as they transition from academia to the workplace. Research findings are from on-line surveys, and individual and focus group interviews with 221 college graduates, 170 supervisors of these workforce entrants, and 42 educators. Emergent from data analysis is a prevailing disconnect between new recruit expectations and organizational realities.

Mentoring Needs and Expectations of Generation-Y Human Resources Practitioners: Preparing the Next Wave of Strategic Business Partners

As organizations prepare for the arrival of GenY as the next generation of strategic business partners in our 21st century workplaces, questions ignite about GenY’s values and aspirations, and how we can engage them in our workplaces. At the forefront of organizational initiatives is mentorship which has resurged as a leading employee development tool.

Learning that Sticks: Enhancing Business Impact of Training through a Team-Based Approach to Transfer of Learning

One of the most persistent challenges faced by training practitioners is how to enhance transfer of learning from performance improvement programs into workplace practice. We receive accolades for crafting provocative training events, yet hit the wall when we discover that few of our trainees integrate new knowledge into practice. In fact, they

Developing and Sustaining High Performance Teams: Managing Difference through an Action Research Approach

This article introduces a model, designed by Carolin Rekar Munro, to help organizations develop and sustain high performance teams. It is based on recent research, which demonstrates qualitatively and quantitatively that helping a team to reflect on its process through an action research approach – particularly in the light of personality style differences, measurably increases both its productivity and member satisfaction.