Speaker Spotlight

Local, national, and international keynote conference speaker and retreat facilitator.

Recent Speaking Engagements

Most recently, I've been asked to deliver workshops, retreats, and conference presentations on the following topics:

  • Unleashing Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace: Colouring Outside the Lines
  • Capitalizing on Our Collective Wisdom: Are You Ready to Speed Date?
  • Charting New Career Development Pathways for the Next Generation: Preparing GenY for the C-Suite
  • Setting the Stage for the Millennial Manager: The Organizational Climate with GenY at the Helm
  • The Tao of WOW: Creating 21st Century Learning Experiences for Generation Y (in collaboration with Dr. Ingrid Kajzer Mitchell)
  • The Perfect Storm; the Perfect Marriage:  Bridging Differences and Developing a Culture of Engagement in our Multi-Generational Workplace
  • Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders: The Emerging Organizational Landscape with Generation Y at the Helm
  • Navigating our Way through the Challenges and Opportunities of Gender Diversity: Honouring our Similarities and Difference
  • Creating and Facilitating Transformational Learning Experiences in the Multi-Generational Landscape
  • Leadership:  Burning the Box and Charting New Frontiers
  • Developing the Leader Within:  Empowering Professional Excellence
  • Chasing the Holy Grail called Corporate Culture (in collaboration with Dr. Stephen Long)

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