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Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders:  The Emerging Organizational Landscape with Gen Y at the Helm

The organizational landscape is on the tipping point of a fundamental shift as Baby Boomers transfer the leadership torch to the next generation and retire from the workplace. However, the transition is fraught with challenges as there is a scarcity of fully prepared individuals to assume these leadership roles.  Join us for this interactive session based on a cross-country leadership study, in which we explore how organizations can attract, groom, and retain the next generation of leaders, Generation Y (Gen Y), who are noted as the highest performing and entrepreneurial of the generations, and most likely to ignite radical change.

We will separate myth from reality in our discussion about:

• how Gen Y experiences the world of work;
• the leadership role and competency profile required by Gen Y leaders;
• the challenges and opportunities as Gen Y takes the leadership reigns; and,
• how we, as industry leaders, can championing initiatives to identify, develop, and retain Gen Y leadership talent.

This session will be highly interactive with plenary and small group discussions and activities so participants can share their own experiences working with Generation Y; dialogue about the research results; explore how they can mentor future leaders using formal and informal organizational pathways; and engage in dialogue on the application of learning to their own practice.



Awakening Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace and Coloring Outside the Lines!

“The creative is the place where no one else has ever been.
You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.
What you’ll discover will be wonderful…
What you’ll discover is yourself.” — Edward de Bono


Today’s workplaces demand that we reach a new height in creativity and innovation in order to compete and excel in a complex, nonlinear world. In this highly interactive workshop, we will explore how to harness our own capabilities in these areas, and how to take a leadership role in creating a workplace culture that values and fosters creativity and innovation.  We will also examine the top “innovation killers” and explore ways to remove these constraints, so we can live and work to our full potential.  You will leave the session with a toolkit of practical and cutting-edge techniques and approaches you can apply immediately across your organization.

Please join us for this hands-on (and fun!) session which speaks to the needs of new and seasoned practitioners in the industry and encourages all of us to experience what happens when we color outside the lines!



Mentoring Needs and Expectations of Generation Y:  Charting New Career Development Pathways for the Next Generation

Entering the workforce by storm is Generation Y, requiring organizations to re-strategize retention plans to attract and retain Gen Y’s as competitive advantage in a dwindling labour market.  At the forefront of retention initiatives is mentoring which has resurged as a prominent employee development tool. Featured in this interactive workshop are results from a research project on mentoring needs and expectations of Generation Y; and a mentorship model which carves out a new route to finding synergy between organizational objectives and personal values to enhance Generation Y’s preparedness for future leadership roles. 

This session will be highly interactive and learner-centered with plenary and small group discussions so participants can share mentoring experiences; dialogue about the mentorship model; and consider application of the model to their own practice. The session will begin by assessing participants' specific interests in relation to this topic. It will proceed with an overview of the research, its outcomes, and the mentorship model, with an opportunity for participants to ask questions. The agenda will then include small group discussions regarding the implications of this research for participants’ own work across organizational sectors and a brief polling of highlights from discussion. To conclude, there will be discussion regarding final insights, observations, and implications; a summary statement; and resources for further topic investigation.


The Perfect Storm; the Perfect Marriage. 

Bridging Differences and Developing a Culture of Engagement in our Multi-Generational Organizations.

Leading multi-generational organizations and managing the complexities of generational differences are some of the most daunting challenges facing leaders today. 

How do we unite younger workers and more seasoned staff to capitalize on their mutual contributions, and maintain high levels of employee satisfaction and engagement while reaching our organizational mandate? 

In this interactive session, develop a better understanding for working with the generations and explore how to bridge differences and develop an action plan for engaging your workforce and enhancing organizational productivity.  Carolin will introduce you to approaches that you can start using today to build and lead sustainable communities that welcome and support differences and work collaboratively toward organizational goals.